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Mae by Damiva

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Dr Marcus Laux

More Than Just a Fleeting Memory


Memory loss is an insidious thing. Changes in your ability happen so slowly that you’re not even aware of them until some event triggers a realization. For me, that event has been playing card games with my boy. His young mind rarely forgets a card, while I often have a hard time remembering the card I just turned over. What a worrisome wake-up call.

Dr Marcus Laux

Diabetes Of The Brain – How Your Choices Effect It

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is one of the best-known and most-dreaded of all degenerative diseases. An initial diagnosis is based on people making too  frequent mistakes on simple and straightforward memory recall. The firm diagnosis of AD is based on agnosia (established memory impairment), with the presence of at least one of these cognitive deficits: apraxia (trouble with certain movements); aphasia (language impairment); or diminished executive capacity (an impaired ability to plan, sequence, organize, and reason abstractly).

Kristen Schiener

One of the Secrets of Youth … Not a Secret Any More

“Science has made enormous advances in our understanding of human aging,  and an exciting aspect of this new information is knowing that each individual has a great deal of influence over his or her own longevity,” say Dr. Bryant Villeponteau, PhD and internationally recognized expert in aging, with a focus on cellular senescence and gene regulation. Dr. Villeponteau led a team of scientists that cloned human telomerase.  “Most scientists in the aging field now accept telomere length as a reliable marker of cellular age,” he continues.

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