Mae by Damiva

Mae by Damiva100% natural vaginal lubricant that restores moisture. With only 6 ingredients that are all found in nature. Mae is formulated for your long-term vaginal health.

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Dr Marcus Laux

Regaining And Retaining Your Energy As You Age

Introducing Bioenergy Ribose



BioenergyRiboseRibose is a tiny molecule which acts as the structural back-bone of ATP, a co-enzyme that is responsible for the metabolism of cells. In the body, ATP is known as “energy currency” and is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions every day. When Ribose becomes depleted through advanced age or energy expenditure the result can manifest as feelings of fatigue, leaving you zapped of energy.  This lack-lustre feeling can come after a fitness class, afternoon in the garden or on the golf course or simply from chasing the grandkids around. You feel drained because at a cellular level, you are drained of the building blocks your body needs to make energy, Ribose.

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Kristen Schiener

Regaining Energy – Nutrition, Breakfast and an Open Mind

Even in the absence of common degenerative conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, many Zoomers find themselves frequently battling symptoms of fatigue including; loss of general physical stamina, diminished emotional wellness, increased body pain, loss of mental stamina and general lack of vitality. This consistent feeling of low energy often leads to limited exercise opportunities, leading to deconditioning, undesirable body mass index values and down-regulated energy production pathways. This combination of physical attributes perpetuates inactivity and contributes to the fatigue often experienced by the Zoomer population. (1)

Dr Marcus Laux

Food Is More Than Fuel

Good food really is good medicine. In fact, good food has great medicine grown into it naturally. I’m not talking about the protein, vitamins, or minerals, but actually the natural medicine that plants make for themselves.

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Kristen Schiener

Healthy Summer Vacations

Alright folks, here is the straight goods. Just because you are on vacation from your job doesn’t mean you are on vacation from your health. Your body is the house you live in all day every day for your entire life so making healthy lifestyle choices shouldn’t feel like work you need a break from. Living a healthy life means living a great life, full of energy and possibility.

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