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Dr Marcus Laux

What Your Adrenal Glands Do

You have two adrenal glands, each about the size and weight of a large grape. They sit on top of your kidneys and dispatch the hormones you need to be fully functional. When they work well, you work well. If they start to falter—increas­ingly common at midlife—your symptoms can range from vague to debilitating. Without the hormones produced by these little glands, you’ll die. Even so, diagnos­ing adrenal fatigue isn’t even on most physicians’ radar. And without proper treat­ment, adrenal fatigue steadily gets worse.


Dr Marcus Laux

The Other Magic Mushrooms – Cancer Therapy That Works

Cancer is everywhere. It’s in all of us, all the time. Cancer becomes a problem only when it out­performs and then overwhelms your body’s natural defence mechanisms. If I could choose only one kind of therapy to protect myself against cancer, even if I’d already been diagnosed with it, my choice wouldn’t be chemotherapy or radiation. Instead, I’d pick medicinal mushrooms. And if hundreds of millions of cancer cells had already spread through­out my body (which would be tough for even the healthiest immune system to deal with), I might use chemo or radiation to cut down on my cancer load, but I’d use medicinal mushrooms to treat the cancer and help me heal faster from the chemo. To understand why I would choose this course, it helps to understand how your body normally defends itself against cancer, and what medicinal mushrooms can do.


Dr Marcus Laux

Pass On The Flu Shot

We’re into autumn again, which means that it’s time for the annual flu scare. One year, the scare was about a mutant virus that wasn’t included in the prepared vaccine; another year it’s a “shortage” of the vaccine itself. The news has people lined up outside pharmacies and public health centers, waiting for hours to get the magic injection that will save their lives. Why is the public being scared into believing an epidemic is imminent, year after year, and being urged to get a so-called antidote for something that has not been scientifically proven to be effective? Yes, you probably guessed it. The flu vaccine is big money for pharmaceutical companies. Glaxo, manufacturer of the swine flu vaccine, saw profits soar into the billions in 2009 (1) and Novartis, makers of “flu shots” saw profits rise by 49% in the first quarter of 2010. (2) Sales have grown along with the escalation in warnings each season by the media about impending flu epidemics absent a flu shot.


Dr Kelly Upcott

Beat Those Bugs – Practical Tips for Better Immunity

Your immune system is directly responsible for your state of health.  No one enjoys being sick and it is not normal to be sick all the time.  Despite this many people suffer from chronic colds and flu and get caught in the antibiotic merry-go-round. This is the result of mistaken efforts to suppress the body’s natural defenses.


Jill Hillhouse

A Day Without Vitamin D Is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Vitamin D has been best known for its role in preventing rickets and supporting calcium absorption for bone health but research over the past couple of years has uncovered more about the other roles Vitamin D has in the body specifically, in the H1N1 era, with regard to immunity.

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Dr Kelly Upcott

The Sunshine Vitamin

Recent research into the preventive benefits of vitamin D has raised hopes that optimizing levels of  “the sunshine vitamin” will contribute to better health status for all Canadians, including seniors.

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Dr Kelly Upcott

Beat Those Bugs

Our immune system is directly responsible for our state of health. No one enjoys being sick, and it is not normal to be sick all the time. Despite this, many people suffer from chronic colds and flues and get caught in the antibiotic merry-go-round. This is the result of mistaken efforts to cure, and suppression of, our bodies natural defense.

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Kristen Schiener

What to do about the Flu?

The Top 5 Ways to Boost your Immunity

These days it’s hard to go anywhere without hearing folks chatting about the flu, vaccines and of course H1N1. The information is overwhelming and the choices are many for protecting yourself and your loved ones. In this edition of Nutrition Corner, my goal is to provide some recommendations that can compliment any other tools you wish to use in your fight against the flu.

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