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Melatonin’s Many Benefits


If I say melatonin, is jet lag the first thing that comes to your mind? Melatonin’s ability to reset your internal clock if you’ve just stepped off an international flight is legendary. But this sleeper of a hormone is integral for the health of every living thing—plants, amoebas, canaries, and hippopotami, as well as you and me. It wouldn’t make much sense if melatonin’s only role in your body was to help you deal with jet lag.

Dr Marcus Laux

Get A Good Night’s Sleep — For Good

If you’ve been having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, you know what it’s like to be dead tired and wide awake. Sleep is like the night maintenance crew in a corporate building: it dumps the trash, makes repairs, and refreshes overworked organ systems so your body and mind can be at the top of their game the next day.

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