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Yeast Buster Kit - Innovite Health

Yeast Buster Kit - Innovite Health Formulated by a Canadian pharmacist devoted to natural health. Used in combination with an anti-Candida diet, the Yeast Buster® candida detox program provides full-spectrum support. Proven safe and effective for over 25 years.


$86.99 NPN Psyllium 80011770; Caproil 80022662;
Activated Charcoal 80042918; DDS Acidophilus 80011360
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Workout & Exercise
Dr Stacy Irvine
Workout With Interval TrainingPDFPrintE-mail
To attain the best results from your workouts you need to incorporate some high intensity training.  This is best accomplished through interval style workouts.  An interval is simply a burst of activity, done at a very high intensity level.  Don’t worry if you are a beginner exerciser, you can still use the strategy of intervals to get a great training result.  Simply work at the intensity where you feel you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  This type of training has two main advantages, you will burn more calories during and after your workout and you will get in shape faster than if you were using a long slow aerobic style workout.

This interval workout should be done twice a week to begin with and once you are in better shape you can increase the workouts to three times a week.

Dr Stacy Irvine
Keep The Holiday Weight OffPDFPrintE-mail

Written By : Cynthia Cravit Ross with Dr. Stacy Irvine, DC

Determined to avoid holiday weight gain? We've got 6 tips that can help.

Are you determined to keep the holiday weight off this year? Even for people who have good eating and exercise habits, the holidays present a particular challenge. ‘Tis the season’ is often interpreted as a green light to indulge in a dietary free-for-all — which is bad for your health and your waistline. Studies have shown that seasonal weight gain can be significant — as much as 7 – 10 pounds.

Dr Stacy Irvine
Add Some Balance To Your Workout LifestylePDFPrintE-mail

A very common type of injury most active seniors will encounter at some point in their athletic career is due to overuse, or chronic repetitive strain.  Tissues that become injured due to repetitive micro-traumas, and one day they just “give up” and you are left with an injury.  These injuries are usually labeled as some type of syndrome, such as IT band syndrome or Upper Cross syndrome.

Tim Irvine
Why Are You Working Out?PDFPrintE-mail
It is true that any activity is positive, but if you are investing in Personal Training, a club membership or simply your own time, it is also important that you are getting value.  How do you do this?  A very important step in creating more value in your workouts is to figure out the real reason(s) why you are doing it.  This is a very simple step that really should only take a few minutes to assess.  The truth is, very few people do this and consequently end up going through the motions on a trip that has no destination.

Workout Support Products

NEW Allergy-FX™

NEW Allergy-FX™ NEW Allergy-FX™ is the only clinically proven natural health product for multi-symptom allergy relief. Helps to temporarily relieve symptoms associated with seasonal and environmental allergies


$24.99 30 tablets / carton
NPN# 80053988
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Afinity Qi - Energy

Afinity Qi - Energy All the ingredients in Afinity Qi are extracted from precious traditional herbal medicines and have been well demonstrated to be beneficial in the management of fatigue and other stress related symptoms.


$32.99 120 caps / bottle
NPN # 80040748
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Zwell Joint Restore (Biovaflex)

Zwell Joint Restore (Biovaflex) Biovaflex™ is a new, all natural joint health ingredient which relieves joint pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis in 5 days.


$38.99 90 capsules/ bottle
NPN # 80055019
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Shower Gel Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom - Pangea

Shower Gel Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom - Pangea The Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamom Body Wash offers a clarifying and soothing essence with antioxidant benefits while leaving the skin soft and smooth. Doubles as a luxurious shaving product for men and women.


$19.00 8.5 fl oz (240 mil) / bottle

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Magnesium Citrate 250mg

Magnesium Citrate 250mg Helps in the maintenance of proper muscle function and tissue formation; in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth; also assists the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


$16.60 100 caps / Bottle
NPN# 80011251
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Shower Gel Italian White Sage - Pangea

Shower Gel Italian White Sage - Pangea The Italian White Sage with Geranium and Yarrow body wash offers a rejuvenating experience with anti-allergenic and anti-inflammatory benefits. Doubles as a luxurious shaving product for men and women.


$19.00 8.5 fl oz (240 mil) / bottle

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Did you know?...

Laboratory tests show that Krill Oil has 48x the antioxidant power of regular fish oil! Learn about the many anti-inflammatory benefits of this amazing omega-3. Read More...


“Cinnamon has been used for centuries as a natural folk remedy for the treatment of diabetes in Russia, China, Korea and India,” explains Dr. Maggie Laidlaw, PhD. “The health benefits of cinnamon and its blood glucose lowering abilities have been well-documented.” Read More...


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Healthy Tidbits

In this century, the world will have more people living into their 80s and 90s than ever before, with the number of people 80+ set to quadruple between 2000 and 2050.


Increased life expectancy is largely due to improvements in public health, and healthy ageing is linked directly to health in earlier stages of life.


Although it is natural for biological processes to decline with age, the rate at which our body’s decline is impacted by many controllable lifestyle factors such as how we eat, how we move, and how many toxic substances we are exposed to.



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