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Dr Stacy Irvine
Workout With Interval TrainingPDFPrintE-mail
Written by Dr Stacy Irvine
To attain the best results from your workouts you need to incorporate some high intensity training.  This is best accomplished through interval style workouts.  An interval is simply a burst of activity, done at a very high intensity level.  Don’t worry if you are a beginner exerciser, you can still use the strategy of intervals to get a great training result.  Simply work at the intensity where you feel you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  This type of training has two main advantages, you will burn more calories during and after your workout and you will get in shape faster than if you were using a long slow aerobic style workout.

This interval workout should be done twice a week to begin with and once you are in better shape you can increase the workouts to three times a week.

The Interval Strength Workout

Each of the exercises should be performed at a high level of intensity for the 30 second time period.  You can rest for one minute between exercises.  Complete the series of 5 exercises twice and you are finished your full body workout.

Side Lunges: Find an open area that is approximately 20 meters in length.  Facing sideways with your right side leading, lower your hips into a squat position.  Stay in this position and take a step to the side with your right foot.  Step with your left foot to join the right.  Keep your knees bent throughout the whole exercise.  Time yourself for 30 seconds moving back and forth along your 20 meter distance.  REST 1 MINUTE.  The most important part of this exercise is keeping your hips as low as possible.  As your legs get tired you will want to stand up taller….stay LOW.

Travelling Push Up:  This is a challenging exercise that can be done from your toes, or with your knees on a mat to make it a bit easier.  Start with a regular push-up.  When you are at the top position of the push-up with your arms straight, lift your left hand and place it beside your right hand.  Keeping your arms straight lift your right hand and move it shoulder width away from your left hand.  Complete another push-up and then travel back to your first starting position this time moving your right hand to meet your left.  Repeat for 30 seconds back and forth through those positions.  REST 1 MINUTE

Split Squat Jumps: Start in a low lunge position with your right foot in front.  From this position jump straight up in the air and switch feet so you land with your left foot in front.  Land softly to protect your knees and keep the knee bend angles at 90 degrees.  Repeat this switching motion for 30 seconds.  REST 1 MINUTE

Plank with Leg Lift: 
Position yourself in a straight plank with your toes and elbows on a mat, or soft surface.  Make sure there is a straight line from your heels to your head.  From this position simply lift one leg approximately 20 cm off the ground.  Slowly lower that foot down and repeat with the other leg.  Keep your legs straight throughout the exercise, and try not to lift your hips (this will make sure you engage your gluts).  Alternate feet slowly for 30 seconds.  REST 1 MINUTE

Bird Dog Touch: On a mat or soft surface position yourself on your hands and knees.  Extend your right hand straight out to the front and touch the ground lightly with your fingers.  Extend your left leg straight out to the back and touch the ground lightly with your toes.  This is your starting position.  From here you are going to lift both your hand and your foot as high as you can while keeping your body in a straight position.  Lower down to the starting position and repeat this movement for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side for 30 seconds.  REST 3 MINUTES then REPEAT the series of five exercises.

Here is an example of how your week of interval training would work best:



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Supermeal Berry

Supermeal Berry Supermeal is a whole food meal and dietary supplement specially formulated for the nutritional needs of men & women age 45+. For many, meeting optimal nutrient requirements is challenging on a consistent, daily basis.


$98.00 Contains up to 15 Complete Meal Servings
or 30 Snack Servings
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Healthy Tidbits

A lengthy review published on July 5, 2011 in The Cochrane Library reveals that supplementing older individuals with vitamin D3 is associated with reduced mortality over a two year average period.



Researchers now suggest that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults in the range of 4000-8000 IU are needed to maintain blood levels of vitamin D metabolites in the range needed to reduce by about half the risk of several diseases such as; breast cancer, colon cancer, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes.


Findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicate that 25 percent of study participants of the Canadian Health Measures Survey had blood levels below the RDA for Vitamin D.


Supplement users had higher blood levels of the sunshine vitamin, according to the new data, and reliance on food sources may be inadequate to ensure optimal blood levels of vitamin D, according to researchers from the University of Saskatchewan, Statistics Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada.