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News Articles

Current findings published by news media worldwide on the topics of health and zwellness, dietary supplements and numerous other subjects of interest to those who wish to live a longer, healthier life are posted everyday.

7 Tips To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


Written by: Cynthia Ross Cravit,

Are you determined to keep the holiday weight off this year? Even for people who have good eating and exercise habits, the holidays present a particular challenge. ‘Tis the season’ is often interpreted as a green light to indulge in a dietary free-for-all — which is bad for your health and your waistline. Studies have shown that seasonal weight gain can be significant — as much as 7 – 10 pounds.

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5 Holiday Stress Busters

holidayseason stressWritten by: Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD,

No need to feel overwhelmed this holiday season with these top tips to reduce stress:

Let’s face it. The holidays can be stressful — the shopping, family, hosting, eating, parties, being alone… But you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Here are the top 5 tips to bust holiday stress:

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Probiotics And Immunity In Seniors

YogurtWritten By : Makino S, Ikegami S, Kume A, Horiuchi H, Sasaki H, Orii N.

In senior years, the immune system can naturally become weakened, potentially leading to an increased risk of infections. It is desirable to augment the immune system and protect against infections by daily consumption of immune-stimulatory food, or nutrients that boost the system.

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Greater Flavonoid Intake Linked With Lower Cancer Risk

FlavanoidsIn a study reported in the latest issue of Nutrition and Cancer, researchers in Milan uncovered an association between a lower risk of several types of cancer and an increased intake of flavonoids and proanthocyanidins. These polyphenolic compounds are found in fruit, vegetables and plant-sourced beverages, and may be responsible for the protective effects observed for plant foods against a number of chronic diseases.

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8 Brain Foods To Power Your Life

BerriesWritten By : Pamela Harding

From berries to oysters, these 8 brain foods are proven to boost memory, help us think clearly, and contribute to overall good health.

The old maxim “You are what you eat,” turns out to be true. New research on so-called “brain foods” shows that some chemicals in the foods we eat go right to our brain cells. Sounds pretty powerful.

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