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112 Degrees™

112 Degrees™

We believe that sexual performance is complex and relies upon both physical and emotional well-being. Yet stress, illness and even the natural aging process can undermine your efforts to stay sexually healthy.


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StemCell 100 - Coming Soon!

StemCell 100 - Coming Soon! Zwell will soon be launching StemCell 100(TM) in Canada, a new 100% drug-free natural health product. It is currently in the approval process. Be the first to get it!
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Zwell will soon be launching StemCell 100TM in Canada, a new 100% drug-free natural health product that incorporates some of the science outlined in the article "One of the Secrets of Youth - Not a Secret Any More"  It is currently in the approval process with Health Canada.

Upon approval, Zwell will begin to market the product.  The features and performance of the product will be communicated in detail, in accordance with Health Canada's approval.

Because of the interest in stem cell research and in the emergence of new products based on the science, Zwell anticipates a shortage of StemCell 100TM,  particularly in the initialy stages.  We may have difficulty filling demand.  For that reason we are inviting interested persons to register now.

If you register, you will receive ongoing information and updates, not only on the progress of StemCell 100TM's release to the market, but also on stem cell research itself - new discoveries, emerging science, and other new products.  This information will be sent to you via email.  You will also be placed on the priority list for StemCell 100TM purchasing.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Your registration does not obligate you in any way to purchase StemCell 100TM.  It is simply an indication of your interest in the topic, and your desire to be on our priority list should you wish to make a purchase.  There is NO COST to do this. 

You will also automatically be included to our e-newsletter (Health & Zwellness) distribution list. This way, you will get all the articles and video updates from our other Trusted Advisors.

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For many people, eating the nightshade family of food (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers) can worsen Osteoarthritis. Read More...


Chocolate can reduce cholesterol and blood sugar, and can be a perfect treat for people with Type 2 diabetes.  Read More...


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Healthy Tidbits

Arthritis affects more Canadian adults than cancer, heart disease, respiratory conditions and spinal cord trauma.


Osteoarthritis, the most common of all arthritic conditions strikes 1 in 10 Canadians and is among the most commonly diagnosed chronic condition in this country today.


Arthritis is the most common of all joint disorders.


In a 2009 poll commissioned by the Arthritis Society of Canada, almost two-thirds of Canadians living with arthritis reported that they believe physical activity poses the risk of aggravating their symptoms. Many remain sedentary in an attempt to keep their joints comfortable but this is a dangerous misconception.


In fact, strengthening the muscles, ligaments and tissues surrounding affected joints can diminish pain, increase mobility, improve flexibility and promote long-term health. “The benefits of physical activity for people with arthritis are remarkable,” notes Dr. Joanne Homik, Chair of The Arthritis Society’s Medical Advisory Committee.