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Prostaphil-2 - AOR

Prostaphil-2 - AORProstaphil-2 is a superior, natural, supplement for many prostate problems including BPH. This unique formula relieves symptoms & attacks the root cause without side effects.

althy eyesight and reduce the risk of age related macular degeneration and improve night vision and glare tolerance.


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marcusDr. Marcus Laux, Naturopathic Physician

Malibu, California, USA




liqunDr. Liqun Zhang, Dr. of TCM, M.Sc., Ph.D.

Vienna, Austria





Tim Irvine, B.Sc.Kin, M.Sc., NSCA-CPT

Toronto, Ontario, Canada





Dr. Kelly Upcott, Naturopathic Doctor

Windsor, Ontario, Canada




kristenKristen Schiener, Registered Nutritionist

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




stacyDr. Stacy Irvine, BSc. Kin, M.Sc., D.C., CSCS

Toronto, Ontario, Canada




jillJill Hillhouse, BPHE, CNP, RNCP / ROHP

Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Articles by Trusted Advisors

Dr Marcus Laux
Making Your Meals More Agreeable

Would you say that as a kid, you could eat just about anything (and a lot of it), and digest it just fine? Would you also say that as an aging adult, you now have to avoid certain foods and/or beverages, or you’re more likely to react with a headache, or bloating and gas, or some other kind of inconvenient misery? You could easily have a food intolerance, and I want to tell you about a brand-new treatment that could help you in a way nothing else has been able to until now. This treatment goes way beyond avoiding the foods that turn you inside-out.

Dr Stacy Irvine
Add Some Balance To Your Workout Lifestyle

A very common type of injury most active seniors will encounter at some point in their athletic career is due to overuse, or chronic repetitive strain.  Tissues that become injured due to repetitive micro-traumas, and one day they just “give up” and you are left with an injury.  These injuries are usually labeled as some type of syndrome, such as IT band syndrome or Upper Cross syndrome.

Tim Irvine
Why Are You Working Out?


It is true that any activity is positive, but if you are investing in Personal Training, a club membership or simply your own time, it is also important that you are getting value.  How do you do this?  A very important step in creating more value in your workouts is to figure out the real reason(s) why you are doing it.  This is a very simple step that really should only take a few minutes to assess.  The truth is, very few people do this and consequently end up going through the motions on a trip that has no destination.

Dr Marcus Laux
Time for a Good Spring Cleaning

What does it mean to “detoxify”? You’ll see it described as everything from fasting and laxatives to high colonics and dramatic liver cleanses—including coffee enemas and tumblers of maple syrup and cayenne to guzzle. Each of these efforts is well-intentioned, but you can clean individual organ systems ’til you’re blue in the face and it won’t do much lasting good if your blood is still contaminated and quickly getting everything all clogged up again. That’s like changing your oil filter without changing the oil.

Dr Kelly Upcott
The Nutritional Side of Inflammation

Diet and nutrition are now recognized as being fundamental to the prevention and treatment of arthritis.  There are three nutritional elements to managing arthritis and inflammatory conditions naturally – healing the digestive tract, reducing our bodies pro-inflammatory reactions, and alkalinizing our system.

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