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Formula H.H. - Innovite Health

Formula H.H. - Innovite HealthFormula H.H. is a broad spectrum high potency multi-vitamin/mineral formula that comprises 30 nutrients that have been individually proven to remove arterial plaque and prevent future build-up.





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Dr. Liqun Zhang

Dr. of TCM, M.Sc., Ph.D.zhang

Vienna, Austria


Dr. Liqun Zhang is a Chinese trained Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She received her Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shandong TCM University in 1983, one of the top TCM Universities in China. She has practiced and taught TCM in China, Canada and Europe for more than 20 years. She then moved to North America where she received a Master degree in Biology from the University of Houston (1990) and a Ph.D. degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Toronto, Canada (1996).

Following work in genetic and cancer research at Mount Sinai Hospital and the Ontario cancer Institute, both in Toronto, Dr. Zhang relocated to Vienna where she successfully worked as a scientist at the newly established European Biotech Company Apeiron. In 2008 she founded LP Health Products GmbH in Vienna, a company committed to unlocking the long traditions of traditional Chinese natural medicines for Western health seekers.

Dr. Zhang has unique expertise as practical TCM doctor and in teaching TCM to students combined with a classical PhD training in medical sciences. Her practical experience ranges from classical genetic experiments to acupuncture, herbal remedies, TCM nutrition, and energy coaching with a special emphasis in helping patients with cancer, pain, and a number of other chronic diseases.

Currently, Dr. Zhang is a Guest Professor at Shandong University of TCM and Guest Lecturer for TCM at the University of Vienna.

Dr. Zhang offers the following comments regarding her beliefs on human wellness-

“The theories of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine are composed of three concepts: the holism of relevant adaptation of man to nature, the unity of physique and vitality, and the importance of the vital-qi. The vital-qi means the normal physiological functions of the human body and its capacity to resist diseases and to recover from illness.

“Whenever there is a success of pathogenic factors, there must be a deficiency of vital-qi” (Nei Jing). Therefore, in order to keep in good health and prevent diseases, people must preserve the body vtial-qi by doing proper physical exercise, keeping a healthly diet, and maintaining a healthy life style.

“The sages of antiquity did not treat those who were already sick, but those who were not sick… When a disease has already broken out and is only then treated, would that not be just as late as to wait for thirst before digging a well, or to wait to go into battle before casting weapons?” (Nei Jing) These words, from a classic Chinese Medical text written 2000 years ago, express the primary importance of Preventive Medicine.  The commitment Zwell makes to these ideas fits perfectly with my own approach to wellness, and matches the philosophy of the early great thinkers of TCM.”  

–  Dr. Liqun Zhang,  June 2010

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